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In this chapter. we are introduced to Swami, the central figure in the novel. He is a boy of ten years and a student of First Form (A), Albert Mission School, Malgudi. He is not one of the bright students of the school. After the delicious freedom and rest of Saturday and Sunday, he does not like to go to school on Monday. On Monday mornings, he is unable to concentrate on his studies. We are also introduced to his close friends, and his teachers . Among friends he is particularly intimate with Mani, a towering wel-built personality, with clubs at home to break anybody’s neck. Among his teachers, there is the Christian Ebenezar, who is always praising his religion and criticising Hindu gods. Swami objects to this and the teacher tries to wrench his left ear off. Swami complains to his father, who gives his son a letter for the Headmaster, to be delivered the next morning. But it has no effect,and things go on as usual.


This chapter introduces us to a newcomer to the class, Rajam. He is the son of the Superintendent of Police, well-dressed, intelligent and a good student. In the beginning, he is regarded as a rival by Mani, and is challenged to a fight. Swami is fascinated by him, and Is friendly with him. He is much relieved, when the fight does not take place, and the two are reconciled. Their friendship matures, the three are constantly together, and the others are excluded from this inner circle’.


In this chapter there are three sections. In the first section we are given a character-sketch of Swamis Granny, way in which she passes her days and of her room. Swami tells her of his new friend Rajam, and she narrates to him the story of Harishchandra, till he goes to sleep.In the second section we we are told of Swamis anxiety to go outand loaf about with his friends. As soon as his father is gone, Swami runs away to his friends, despite the remonstrance of his mother.

The third section gives an account of the visit of Swami and Mani to Rajam’s residence. They are much impressed by the toys which he shows them, the respect which he commands, and the way in which coffee and snacks are brought in. However, the chapter ends on a note of comedy: the discomfiture of Rajam at the hand of the cook


The friends of Swami were jealous of his friendship with Rajam
So they called him “the Tail” of Rajam and refused to play or talk
with him. Swami felt most wretched, isolated and unhappy.


This chapter may conveniently be divided into three parts. In
the first part, Swami seeks the permission of his father to use his
room as his own during Rajam’s visit in the afternoon and the
permisSion is granted. In the second part, there iS an account of
the visit itself. In the third part the scene shifts to the school. Some
one has written Tail on the blackboard in large letters. This leads
to fierce fighting, till the Headmaster arrives, separates Somu and
Mani, locked in a fierce fight at the time, and restores order.


The chapter tells us how Rajam caused Swami and Mani to become triends once again with the Pea, Somu and Shankar. This was done by inviting all of them to his house, giving them a lecture on friendship, and offering them attractive gifts if they became friends once again. Rajam, indeed, served the cause of friendship, in the hour of need.


The new arrival is Swami’s baby brother. The atmosphere of Suspense, hurry and bustle which precedes a birth has been well- brought out. Swami failed to understand the meaning of the goings- on, and as to why the lady doctor was treating the home as her own, and why she was being obeyed by all concerned. Lost in thought he fell asleep. But he knew the next morning that he had got a baby brother.


The chapter deals with the approach of the annual examination, and the trouble it meant ftor Swami. At home the father made a lot or fuss, and made Swami study for long hours. At school, the examination fever seemed to have possessed all his friends. There was no gossping and loitering about. It was rumoured that the school clerk knew all about the question papers, and frantic efforts were made to get some hintsfrom him. Mani Visited him with a gift of brinjals, and wentto the extent of asking him directly about the question papers. His answers were vague and general, but Mani was fully satisfied. He told what he knew to Swami, and they prepared accordingly.


It was the last day of the examinations, and after that the school was to be closed for the vacations. Swami came out of the exami- nation room twenty minutes earlier, and waited for others to come. But none came till the bell rang, and then it was all noise andd jubilation. The Headmaster addressed them briefly and announced that the school would remain closed till the 19th of June, and shall reopen on the 20th. 

There was excitement and joy at the announcenment, and tl en they started breaking ink-pots and destroying articles of statiorery. Swami participated with joy in this mad spree. The fun went on till the school peon dispersed the revelers.



1). Why was Swaminathan apprehensive of Mondays ? Which
sentence in the lesson suggests that it was a five-day week in
Swaminathan’s school?

Ans. Swami hates Mondays for it means activity, discipline and work after the holiday he had enjoyed on Saturday and Sunday. Monday is unpleasant for him. As Swami sits on the table in his room he finds that he had a lot of homework to do and only two hours for doing it. He feels bored and tired and is in no mood of work. The sentence in the text that suggest that it was a five-day week in Swaminathan’s school”After a delicious freedom of Saturday and Sunday it was ditficult to get into the Monday mood of work and discipline.”

2). Write about the four persons who were Swami’s friends.

Ans. Swami is a boy, ten years old. He is a student of Albert Mission School, First form (A). He is quite happy at school. His happiness results from the fact that he has got four fast friends, who were Somu, Mani, Shankar and Samuel, the Pea. Later on he gets another friend, Rajam. In the company of these friends he cuts jokes, plays pranks, loats about and also sometimes, is engaged in friendly quarrels. With Mani and Kajam his relations are personal and human; while his relations with The other three Somu, Shanker and the Pea -are scholastic and Impersonal.

3) Describe Mani’s personality ?

Ans. Mani is one of the closest friends of Swami. He is known as the mighty good for nothing.” He towers head and shoulders above the other boys of the class and his friend and admired by all. He is a sort of bully, and says that his strength lies in the two clubs he has at home. He can easily break the neck of those wit it who offered him. Swaminathan was proud of his friendship. While others crouched in owe, he could address him as “Mani with gusto and pat him in the back familiarly.

Q.(4). Write about Sankar’s qualities as a student.

Ans. Sankar is another bosom friend of Swami. He is a brilliant boy of the class. He gets marks as high as ninety percent and can answer any question put to him. But there were some of the boys who felt that he got such high marks by flattering the teachers and by doing work for them. But Swami has no doubts about his ability ànd considers him to be a marvel. He could speak to the teachers in English in the open class. He knows the names of all the rivers, mountains and countries in the world. He could repeat history in his sleep and grammar was child’s play to him. His face was radiant with intelligence.

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