Solid State Question Bank Class 12th MP Board [Download PDF]

MP Board Question Bank Class 12th English Medium



Question no. : 1
Why are solids hard and why do they have a fixed volume?
Question no. : 2
What are lattice points? explain.
Question no. : 3
What is shotkey error? Explain with suitable example.
Question no. : 4
What is a unit cell called?
Question no. : 5
What are crystal lattice point defects? How many types are these?
Question no. : 6
What are the seven basic types of crystals on the basis of crystal geometry?
Question no. : 7
Differentiate between tetrahedral spacing and octahedral spacing
Question no. : 8
Explain the following –
      a) interspace b) F-center
Question no. : 9
How many types of crystals are there? explain.
Question no. : 10
Explain the following –
      a) ferromagnetism b) paramagnetism
Question no. : 11
How does the Schottky defect affect the density of a substance?
Question no. : 12
What is a coordinate number, explain?
Question no. : 13
What is Frankl’s defect, explain with two examples?
Question no. : 14
What is the effect of rise in temperature on the conductivity of semiconductors?
Question no. : 15
Differentiate between Frankl’s and Schottky’s defects?
Question no. : 16
What are tetrahedral and octahedral vacancies, explain their importance?
Question no. : 17
What are Interstitial Vacancies?
Question no. : 18
Write the difference between crystalline and noncrystalline solids?
Question no. : 19
Write a comment on the following.
metal excess defect
rhombus vacancies
Question no. : 20
Why is carbon dioxide a molecular solid while silicic is a covalent solid?
Question no. : 21
Write the characteristics of ionic solids?
Question no. : 22
What is a cell, write its types?
Question no. : 23
 Calculate the density of the unit cell?
Question no. : 24
Write the symptoms of covalent concrete?
Question no. : 25
What are semiconductors, write their types.


Question no. : 1
Common salt sometimes looks yellow instead of being colourless, why?
Pure alkaline metal halides do not show Frenkel defects, why?
Question no. : 2
Find the number of atoms in the unit cell of the following type of crystal.
      i) Simple cubic crystal or SCC
      ii) Task Focused BCC
      iii) Vane Centered or FCC
Question no. : 3
Why do ionic solids conduct electricity in the liquid state but not in the solid state?
Question no. : 4
Why do old glass windows become thick at the bottom?
The ionic solids which have negative vacancy due to excess metal excess are coloured. Explain it with the help of suitable example. Explain both these types of defects with examples.
Question no. : 5
In Frackel defect the density of the solid is not affected whereas in Schottky defect the density of the solid decreases, why?
Question no. : 6
Carbon dioxide is a molecular solid, while silica is covalent, why?
Question no. : 7
When a paramagnetic material is placed in a magnetic field, its weight increases, why?
Question no. : 8
What is a point defect in which the density of the solid is not affected and another type of defect in which the density of the solid decreases. Give reasons and explain both the above types of defects with examples. Want to add a new one?
Question no. : 9
When mixed with cacl2 Agcl crystals, it produces a Shotkey defect?

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