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MP Board Special English Question Bank [English PDF] : दोस्तों आज की इस पोस्ट में आपको English Question Bank मिलने वाले है | इस वेबसाइट पर इंग्लिश के सभी चैप्टर के क्वेश्चन बैंक अपलोड कर दिए गए है |




प्रश्न क्र. : 1

………….. Slide past his unseeing eyes . [1]. Village

[2]. Colony

[3]. Childhood

[4]. Suburbs

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

What took does ‘Yellow light ‘ reflect ? [1]. Pleasing look

[2]. Frightening

[3]. Beautiful look

[4]. Suspected look

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

What is opposite of ancestor ? [1]. Successor

[2]. Younger

[3]. Junior

[4]. Partner

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

Where is the father’s  bag of books ? [1]. Falling apart

[2]. In the room

[3]. In the car

[4]. Stolen by thief

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

Give the Opposite meaning of  ‘Successors’ . [1]. Heritor

[2]. Ancestors

[3]. Assign

[4]. Heir

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

What does the father  dream of in sleep ? [1]. Nomads

[2]. Grand children

[3]. Ancestors

[4]. All of these

प्रश्न क्र. : 7

Give the meaning of  ‘Soggy’. [1]. Dry and hard

[2]. Wet and soft

[3]. Warm and damp

[4]. None of these

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

Which  word is similar in meaning to ‘patched’. [1]. Stained

[2]. Cut

[3]. Apart

[4]. Plain

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

From which  language to other language the poet Dilip Chitre in the poem ‘My father travels’ had translated ? [1]. Marathi into Punjabi

[2]. English into Marathi

[3]. Marathi into English

[4]. Marathi into Sanskrit

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

What was father eating when he reached home ‘My father travels’ ? [1]. Stale chapati

[2]. Fresh chapati

[3]. Paratha

[4]. Khichadi

प्रश्न क्र. : 11

In the poem ‘My father travels’ Father was listening a song on the …………. [1]. T.V.

[2]. Music system

[3]. Radio

[4]. Mobile

प्रश्न क्र. : 12

Choose the correct meaning of ‘estrangement’ in the poem ‘My father travels’ . [1]. Not fresh and pleasent

[2]. State of being no longer frien

[3]. Ponder , think deeply

[4]. Become less permissive of sigh

प्रश्न क्र. : 13

Rewrite the sentence using the second sentence using infinitive phrase :-

Are  you prepared ?  you should do it .

[1]. Are you prepared to do it ?

[2]. you are prepared to do it

[3]. Are you prepared to do ?

[4]. Are you prepared it ?

प्रश्न क्र. : 14

Combine the following pairs of sentence by using a Gerund :

It is not good. you are arguing against the law .

[1]. It is not good to argue agai

[2]. arguing against the law is g

[3]. It is not good to argue

[4]. arguing against the law is no

प्रश्न क्र. : 15

Rewrite the sentence by using anticipatory ‘it’ .

To understand why she was annoyed is easy .

[1]. why she was annoyed is easy t

[2]. It is easy to understand why w

[3]. It is easy to understand why s

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 16

What is highlighting the  in the poem  ‘My father travels ‘?  [1]. Ironies of modern civilisation

[2]. Ironies of traditional civilis

[3]. Ironies of Religious civilisat

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 17

Combine the sentence by using past perfect tense.

She wrote to her parents. she went to sleep .

[1]. After she had written to her p

[2]. After she wrote to her parents

[3]. After she had written to her p

[4]. After she wrote to her parents

प्रश्न क्र. : 18

 Which stage of life is this poem concern In the poem ‘My father travels’ ? [1]. Old age

[2]. Young age

[3]. child age

[4]. Infant

प्रश्न क्र. : 1
His sullen children  have often refused to share jokes and secrets with him .He will now to sleep listening  to he  static on the radio, dreaming of his ancestors and grandchildren, thinking of nomads entering a subcontinent through a narrow pass.
(1) Who refused to share and jokes ?
(2)  Who are  coming  in his dream ?
(3)  Give the opposite of the word ‘Peace’
प्रश्न क्र. : 2
You are Nidhi Sinha, a resident of Sheopur. Write a letter to the superintendent of police of your district for a ban on the free use of loudspeaker during examination.
प्रश्न क्र. : 3
You are the Secretary of the Principal of Sunrise public school using his notes, write a message on his behalf  to the school captain , Ashutosh Verma .
(1)  Urgent meeting  of the student council 
(2)  Agenda : falling  standards of discipline 
(3)  Today  during recess in my  office
(4)    Attendance must for all members 
(5) School captain to inform other members
प्रश्न क्र. : 4
Write a letter to advice your  younger brother to set a goal in life and try to achieve it, as he is planning his career. You are Ramkripal .

प्रश्न क्र. : 5
“Suburbs slide past his unseeing eyes” ,What is implied by ‘unseeing  eyes’ in this line ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 6
What does the poet mean by ‘a word dropped from a long sentence’
प्रश्न क्र. : 7
Why does father hurry on ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 8
Why does father tremble at the sink ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 9
Why does the poet call the children sullen ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 10
Give the central idea of the poem, ‘My father Travels’. 
प्रश्न क्र. : 11
Comment on the mood of the poem, ‘my Father Travels’
प्रश्न क्र. : 12
What light does the poem, ‘My Father Travels’ throw on the decline of social values ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 13
Explain the  meaning :-
Is falling apart . His eyes dimmed by age Fade homeward through the humid monsoon night. Now I can see him getting off the train  Like a                   word  dropped from a long sentence.

प्रश्न क्र. : 14
What does the father dream of in sleep ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 15
What does ‘Yellow’  stand for in the line-‘Standing among silent commuters in the yellow light’ ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 16
Explain the following lines:–
Home again ,I see him drinking weak tea,
Eating a stale chapati , reading a book.
प्रश्न क्र. : 17
Why does the poet refer to the father ‘thinking of nomads entering a subcontinent through a narrow pass’ ?’
प्रश्न क्र. : 18
What does the father contemplate on in the toilet ?What does the poet suggest through the line -‘A few droplets cling the greying hair on his wrists’ ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 19
Write summary of the poem ‘ My father travels’ .
प्रश्न क्र. : 20
Write summary of the poem ‘ My father travels’ .

प्रश्न क्र. : 1
Why do children not like to spend time with their grand Parents ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 2
‘In today’s world the moral values have lost their place in society. Explain .
प्रश्न क्र. : 3
Why do old men find himself alone in their families?
प्रश्न क्र. : 4
Why do children of today not give proper respect to their elders?
प्रश्न क्र. : 5
What is our duty to our grandparents?
प्रश्न क्र. : 6
How can we save our society from moral degradation?
प्रश्न क्र. : 7
‘In this modern, world ‘Man has become machine’. Explain
प्रश्न क्र. : 8
Is our value system threatened by the materialist ethos of modern civilization?
प्रश्न क्र. : 9
What is the importance of joint family in the world of today.
प्रश्न क्र. : 10
.The physical, intellectual, patriotic and spiritual, then, are dimensions in which
our young men and women must equip themselves, so that they can really be of effective service to the nation. Needless to say, this is a continuing process and the very act of national service itself helps to develop these capacities. What is required on the part of our youths is a keen sense of participation, in what Jawaharlal Nehru used to call “the great adventure , of nation-building”. There is no room here for cynicism or defeatism, boredom or depression. In whatever position our youths may find themselves, there are always r numerous avenues for national service. 
(i) How can our youths serve effectively to the nation?
(ii) Give the noun form of the word ‘develop’.
(iii) Find out the words from the passage which have the opposite meanings as the words given below:
(a) necessary
(b) material

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