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MP Board Special English Question Bank [English PDF] : दोस्तों आज की इस पोस्ट में आपको English Question Bank मिलने वाले है | इस वेबसाइट पर इंग्लिश के सभी चैप्टर के क्वेश्चन बैंक अपलोड कर दिए गए है |


Youth and the task ahead


प्रश्न क्र. : 1

The sense that the author wants the youth to have towards the of : [1]. Responsibility

[2]. Tolerance

[3]. Religious

[4]. Prudence

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

According to the author the crucial element in the progress of nation is — [1]. Knowledge

[2]. Partriotism

[3]. Power

[4]. Nationalism

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

The maintenance and strengthening of freedom needs- [1]. Great effort

[2]. Defence

[3]. Power

[4]. Money

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

What should the youth avoid ? [1]. Traditions

[2]. Freedom

[3]. Popularity

[4]. Corruption and nepotism

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

A system of government in which people vote to choose representatives  to govern them is …….. [1]. Photocracy

[2]. Autocracy

[3]. Democracy

[4]. Monarchy

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

‘In any nation the youth necessarily forms  the vanguard in most spheres of activity’ In the above line ‘Vanguard ‘ means……..

[1]. Leader (being in a leading pos

[2]. a large amount of something

[3]. aimed towards a particular di

[4]. using weaker people for one’s

प्रश्न क्र. : 7

‘The feeling of patriotism alone can  eradicate corruption and nepotism’

In the above line what does the writer mean by the word ‘nepotism’  .

[1]. Strengthen

[2]. Favouritism

[3]. Pettiness

[4]. Secularism

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

‘Onerous’ means……   [1]. Causing strong emotion

[2]. Needing great effort

[3]. respect

[4]. Make forward movement

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

Which task is more onerous ? [1]. Secularism & democracy

[2]. Maintenance & strengthening of

[3]. To strengthen our integrity

[4]. All of above

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

The twin ideals on which our great nation is founded …. [1]. Corruption & nepotism

[2]. Secularism & democracy

[3]. Pettiness & exlusivism

[4]. cynicism or defeatism

प्रश्न क्र. : 11

Complete the following sentence by adding suitable noun clauses….. 

The boy said………………

[1]. That they are going to get suc

[2]. they are going to get success

[3]. To work hard

[4]. When they will go to pricnic

प्रश्न क्र. : 12

My brother lives ………….  Canada. [1]. At

[2]. in

[3]. with

[4]. For

प्रश्न क्र. : 13

They are walking ………….. the bridge. [1]. On

[2]. By

[3]. At

[4]. From

प्रश्न क्र. : 14

I’ll see you ……………..Deepawali  [1]. In

[2]. On

[3]. At

[4]. For

प्रश्न क्र. : 15

I went to Delhi…………. bus.  [1]. With

[2]. In

[3]. From

[4]. By

प्रश्न क्र. : 1
What should the youth do to become intellectually competent?
प्रश्न क्र. : 2
What does the author expect from those who belong to the post –independence era?
प्रश्न क्र. : 3
How can Corruption be eradicated ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 4
What should the youth avoid?
प्रश्न क्र. : 5
Describe in brief all the four dimensions in which our youth must equip themselves.
प्रश्न क्र. : 6
How, according to Dr. Karan singh, can the youth repay their debt to society ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 7
Why does the author mean by patriotism?
प्रश्न क्र. : 8
Why does the author want our youth to be physically and intellectually strong?
प्रश्न क्र. : 9
Why is it necessary for our youth to be spiritually strong?
प्रश्न क्र. : 10
What, according to the author, are the things to be done for strengthening the country?
प्रश्न क्र. : 11
What task is more onerous? How many ways are there to serve the nation?
प्रश्न क्र. : 12
Read the passage carefully ang give answer of the following
What is required is an immense burst of idealism and energy among our youth, who must be deeply committed to the task of safegaurding this great nation of ours , founded on the twin ideals of secularism and democracy. In particul our young men and women studying in school ,colleges and universities have a special responsibility ,for while they are no longer children they have yet not got fully involved in the routine of adult life. They constitute an immense reserviour of strength which if properly canalized, can proved to be a source of great power to the nation.
 1. What sort of youth do we need?
 2. Find out a word from the passage similar in meaning to “great”?
 3.  Give the adjective form of the word “secularism”
प्रश्न क्र. : 13
Why should the youth be properly canalised? Why is it essential for the youth to be fit?
प्रश्न क्र. : 14
The author says'” there is much to be done.” What are the tasks which the author wants the youth to accomplish?
प्रश्न क्र. : 15
Read the passage carefully and answer the following quetions
 The third is the dimension of patriotism. I am concerned here not so much with the routine mening of this term as with that deeper patriotism which transcends all pettiness and exclusivism and create in our youth a deep urge for national unity and progress. Thiis alone can eradicated corruption and nepotism from our land and galvanise the whole process of economic development which is so crucial to the success of our democracy. The youth of a nation  is always  the fountainhead of its idealism.
1 what is the crucial element in the progress of a nation ?
2 Give one word of “giving special favour to one’s own people?”
 3 The noun form of the word “transcend”

प्रश्न क्र. : 1
What is our duty towards our nation?
प्रश्न क्र. : 2
How can we build our nation strong?
प्रश्न क्र. : 3
‘A sound mind lives in a sound body’. Explain.
प्रश्न क्र. : 4
What is the role of N.C.C and N.S.S in national building?
प्रश्न क्र. : 5
After going through the lesson, what are the changes you propose to make in your own life?
प्रश्न क्र. : 6
What are the qualities that make us strong to over  come all difficulties?
प्रश्न क्र. : 7
What are the three principles on which a democratic nation is found. Explain ?
प्रश्न क्र. : 8
Write an article on the topic ‘Youth and nation’
प्रश्न क्र. : 9
How can we  protect our nation from invaders?
प्रश्न क्र. : 10
You are Rajat Sharma a student of class Xii. As you are appearing for the board examination, you are worried on the declaration of power cut from 7 am to 9 pm everyday in your area. Write a letter to the Collector, Indore to intervene and order the MPSEB authorities to postpone the schedule of power cuts until examination are over.  
प्रश्न क्र. : 11
Write a short paragraph on ‘Role of students in the development of the nation’.
प्रश्न क्र. : 12
You are required to speak on the subject ‘Pollution in India” in the school morning assembly.
 Write your speech.
प्रश्न क्र. : 13
1. India was once considered the land of knowledge and enlightenment. In ancient times, scholars from, all over Asia and Europe used to flock to Takshashiia, Nalanda, and other Indian centers of learning. Apart from the arts, culture, philosophy, and religion, these scholars came to study medicine, law, and martial sciences. But despite having a vastly expanded university system and historical advantages, modern India has yet to provide international or even regional leadership in higher education. From the surrounding countries of Asia and Africa, only a few students come to India for higher education.
2. The United States is, by far, the most successful country in attracting foreign students. But other countries such as Australia, Canada, and Britain also aggressively market their universities abroad. through their education counseling services and, recruitment fairs with the active cooperation of their diplomatic missions abroad.
3. Likewise, India should also capitalize on the advantages offered by its higher education institutions, market Indian universities abroad, and facilitate the entry of foreign students into them.
4. The revenue from foreign students can be used to ease the financial crunch faced by Indian universities, improve academic facilities, and subsidies the cost of educating Indian students.
5. But apart from economic advantages many other benefits would accrue to the nation. India would gain global and regional influence, goodwill, and become a major provider of higher education. Many Asian and African countries, especially the smaller ones have poorly developed university systems and would look to Indian universities for the higher education of their youth. At the same time, Indian students will not be deprived if 10 per cent supernumerary seats for foreign students are created in universities and professional colleges.
6. Already, professional education in India has proved accessible and affordable for foreign students, especially from Malaysia, the Middle East, and South Africa. In these countries higher education training facilities are limited. Many NRI (non-resident Indian) families abroad, especially, those from English-speaking industrialized countries are also keen to send their children to study in their motherland and hopefully to become attuned to their Indian roots in the process.
(i) Answer the following questions
(a) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘disadvantages
(b) Find a word used in sense of ‘spreaded largely’.
(c) India was once considered the land of knowledge and ……………. 
(d) Give synonym of ‘crises’. 

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