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MP Board Special English Question Bank [English PDF] : दोस्तों आज की इस पोस्ट में आपको English Question Bank मिलने वाले है | इस वेबसाइट पर इंग्लिश के सभी चैप्टर के क्वेश्चन बैंक अपलोड कर दिए गए है |


On his Being Arrived at the age of Twenty Three



प्रश्न क्र. : 1

The poem “On his being arrived at the age of Twenty-three” is……………. [1]. an ode

[2]. an elegy

[3]. a devotional

[4]. a prayer

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

‘How soon hath time the subtle thief of youth’ 

What does the poet mean by ‘subtle’ ?

[1]. Hasting

[2]. Subtle

[3]. Sheweth

[4]. Indueth

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

‘As ever in my Taskmaster’s eye’ What does the poet mean by Taskmaster in the poem………… [1]. Thief

[2]. God

[3]. Heaven

[4]. Poet

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

‘Renaissance’ means . [1]. Maturity

[2]. Obvious

[3]. reawakening

[4]. Appearance

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

Combine the following  pairs  of sentences by using relative clauses :-

 I want to  interview the man. His name is Gopal .

[1]. I want to interview the man w

[2]. I want to interview the man w

[3]. I want to interview the man w

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

Combine the using gerund :-

 Ravi regretted. he had to written such a book.

[1]. Ravi regretted to written such

[2]. Ravi regretted of written such

[3]. Ravi regretted for writing su

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 7

Combine the using infinitive phrase :-

They decided it .  they should go .

[1]. They decided to go

[2]. They decided for go

[3]. They decided of go

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

Combine the using anticipatory  :-

To pardon is divine

[1]. It is divine of pardon

[2]. It is pardon to divine

[3]. It is divine to pardon

[4]. None of these

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

Combine the using relative clauses :-

I was given your address by a man . I met this man on a train 

[1]. I was given your address by a

[2]. I was given your address by a

[3]. I was given your address by a

[4]. None of these

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

Combine the using relative clauses :-

A girl answered the telephone. she said Amit was away.

[1]. A girl who answered the teleph

[2]. A girl when answered the tele

[3]. A girl whose answered the tele

[4]. None of these

प्रश्न क्र. : 11

Combine the using conjunction :-

He is poor. He worked hard and completed his studies.

[1]. Though he is poor he worked ha

[2]. Although he is poor he worked

[3]. As he is poor he worked hard a

[4]. if he is poor he worked hard a


प्रश्न क्र. : 1

Why does the poet call time the subtle thief of youth?

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

What deceives the truth?

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

What will be in the Strictest measure?

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

How does the poet console himself?

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

What passes by in a hurry in the poets life?

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

Explain the line , “That some more timely happy spirits endueth”?

प्रश्न क्र. : 7

Briefly describe milton’s feelings on his having arrived at the age of twenty–three.

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

Give the central idea of the poem.

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

Critically analyse the poem. On His Being Arrived At The Age Of Twenty Three.

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

Analyse the poem as a petrarchan sonnet.


प्रश्न क्र. : 1

Every religion insists on faith. How does it make a person noble and sublime?

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

Faith is the key to Success. Explain in your own Words.

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

“Faith moves the mountains”. Expand the idea.

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

“Practicing one’s faith is one’s private affair”. Give arguments for and against the motion.

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

Write a letter to your friend narrating one such event when your act of faith made you successful in the long run.

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

Who is responsible for maturity?

प्रश्न क्र. : 7

Why do we go to temple? Is there any profit of the practice?

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

“Whatever God does is only good for us” How ?

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

What in your opinion , makes you mature- time or experience?

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

Write a Letter to your friend about the time you spent together in the past?

प्रश्न क्र. : 11

You are Naveen Pratap Singh, a resident of 27, rishi nagar Ujjain. You came across a news that deaths due to violence have increased considerably during recent years. Write a letter to the editor of the magazine ‘India Today’, suggesting how educated youth can play a major role in establishing peace in society.

प्रश्न क्र. : 12

    My father died a week later and suddenly those photos became priceless, to me. I wept when I pasted them in our album. I wept again, afterward, when I saw my younger son .looking at them. It was a few days before he went away to college. He had taken all our albums down from the bookshelves in the den and spread them out on the carpet. It had been a very long time since I had seen him doing this. Once he stopped posing for pictures, he seemed to lose interest in looking at them. But now he was on the verge of leaving home. This was his special time to look ahead and look back. I stood for a moment in the hall by the den and then tiptoed away. I didn’t take a photo of my son that afternoon, but I will remember how he looked for as long as I live. Some pictures, I learned, don’t have to be taken with a camera.


(a) Find the word opposite in meaning to ‘impossible’. 

(b) Find a word used in the sense of ‘slowly but steadily’. 

(c) Their bodies were growing at speed. 

(d) Give the synonym of ‘infancy’. 

प्रश्न क्र. : 13

   In an inter-school debate you have to speak in favour of the motion ‘Modem Gadgets have made us slaves to machines’. Write a speech in favour of this topic

प्रश्न क्र. : 14

  . You had sent a Money Order of ? 100 to M/s Sagar Publishing House, 36, Tagore Gardens, Kolkata as per the details given below. But it has not reached them till date. The details are: Money Order Registration No. 119 dated 2-l-20xx. Your address is 11, Teachers’ Colony, Kolkata

प्रश्न क्र. : 15

 Abhishek of 8, Indira Nagar, Bhopal is not happy with the sanitary conditions of his locality. He decides to write a letter to the local sanitary Inspector of the town to look into the this state of affairs. Write a letter on his behalf.

प्रश्न क्र. : 16

  John writes a page of his diary recording his first experience of a public examination. Below are listed his experiences. Write out a page of his diary.

प्रश्न क्र. : 17

Read the following unseen poem and answer the following questions

We live in a highly competitive age of science and technology and can no longer afford the luxury of mediocrity, if we do not forge ahead. This rapidly changing nuclear age requires our youth to be intellectually more alert and competent than their predecessors, and therefore, every young man and woman today studying in schools, colleges, and universities must aim at academic ability of the highest order. In a developing nation like ours, where large numbers are still unable to acquire even primary education, those undertaking higher education constitute a privileged elite. 


(i) (a) Find a word opposite in meaning to ‘successors’. [1]

(b) Find a word used in the sense of ‘early education.’ [1]

(c) Who are the privileged elite, according to the author? [2]

प्रश्न क्र. : 18

Read the following unseen poem and answer the following questions


Great, wide, beautiful, wonderful world With the wonderful water round you curled.

And the wonderful grass upon your breast.

World, you are beautifully drest.

The wonderful air is over me,

And the wonderful wind is shaking the tree.

It walks on the water, and whirls the mill.

And talks to itself on the tops of the hills. 


(i) What is the attire of the earth? [2]

(ii) Give the antonym of the given words from the passage:

         ”  ugly. “

(iii) Find out the word from the passage for the word meaning: ‘Surrounded’. 

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