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MP Board Special English Question Bank [English PDF] : दोस्तों आज की इस पोस्ट में आपको English Question Bank मिलने वाले है | इस वेबसाइट पर इंग्लिश के सभी चैप्टर के क्वेश्चन बैंक अपलोड कर दिए गए है |




                  Good Bye Party for Miss Pushpa T.S.


प्रश्न क्र. : 1

The  audience is meeting to wish her ……….. 

[1]. Bon voyage

[2]. Happy journey

[3]. Both A and B

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

What is the most appropriate opposite work ‘infamous’ .

[1]. popular

[2]. Renowned

[3]. Famous

[4]. None of them

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

Who is going to foreign counter ?

[1]. Nissim Ezekiel

[2]. Miss Pushpa T.S.

[3]. Her father advocate

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

Who was a renowned advocate ?

[1]. Miss Pushpa’s father

[2]. Miss Pushpa’s uncle

[3]. Miss Pushpa’s Friend

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

Why is she going to foreign ?

[1]. To improve her Health

[2]. To improve her prospect

[3]. For the entertainment

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

Give the syllables structure ‘Develop’ .





प्रश्न क्र. : 7

 Syllable Division of ‘ examination’.

[1]. exa-mi-na-tion

[2]. ex-a-mi-na-tion

[3]. e-xa-mi-nation

[4]. e-xa-mi-na-tion

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

 Give the odd one out –

Fill, live, mill ,field

[1]. Fill

[2]. live

[3]. mill

[4]. field

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

‘ Good bye party Miss Pushpa  T.S.’ is a …… poem. 

[1]. Natural poem

[2]. Religious poem

[3]. Sad poem

[4]. Humorous poem

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

Miss Pushpa  T.S.’ is popular for her . 

[1]. Intelligency

[2]. Personality

[3]. Richness

[4]. Good spirit

प्रश्न क्र. : 11

Give the meaning of the word Prospect . 

[1]. Possibility

[2]. Popular

[3]. Improve

[4]. Appreciate

प्रश्न क्र. : 12

Give the Antonym of word ‘arrive’ . 

[1]. Supply

[2]. Depart

[3]. Qray

[4]. Dainty

प्रश्न क्र. : 13

How many syllable division are there in the word ‘Mathematics’ . 

[1]. 3

[2]. 4

[3]. 5

[4]. 6

प्रश्न क्र. : 14

Choose the  syllable Structure of the word ‘Box’. 

[1]. CVCV

[2]. CVCC

[3]. CVC

[4]. VCVC

प्रश्न क्र. : 15

Give the Intonation of  ‘What an achievement ‘! 

[1]. Falling

[2]. Rising

[3]. Falling- Rising

[4]. Combined

प्रश्न क्र. : 16

Give the Suffix of word ‘pure’ .  

[1]. Impure

[2]. Purify

[3]. Both A and B

[4]. None of the above

प्रश्न क्र. : 17

Who belongs to a very high family? 

[1]. Nissim Ezekiel

[2]. Miss Pushpa

[3]. Poet’s Friend

[4]. Charles Lamb

प्रश्न क्र. : 18

Nissim Ezekiel is prominent post independence ……………. poet. 

[1]. German

[2]. Italian

[3]. British

[4]. Indian

प्रश्न क्र. : 19

The meeting was organized for …………… 

[1]. welcoming of Miss Pushpa T.S.

[2]. farewell of Miss Pushpa T.S.

[3]. kitty party

[4]. political gathering

प्रश्न क्र. : 20

Give one word of “leaving a place to start a trip” 

[1]. voyage

[2]. reowned

[3]. departing

[4]. party


प्रश्न क्र. : 1

Write the summary of the poem “Goodbye party for miss Pushpa T.S.”

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

Friends, Our dear sister is departing for foreign in two-three days, and we are meeting today to wish her bon voyage.

(1)   Give one word for journey.

(2) “foreign ” word is which part of speech.

(3)    Who is  dear sister hear ?

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

“Now I ask other speakers to speak

and afterwards Miss Pushpa

will do summing up.”

* what is the name of the poem?

* Give one word of ” in sense of final thanks”

* Who is “I” here ?

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

Whenever I asked her to anything,

She was saying ‘just now only 

I will do it’ That showing good spirit.

Pushpa Miss is never saying no.

Whatever I or anybody is asking

She is always saying yes,

And today she is going 

to improve her prospect

 and we are wishing her bon voyage.

* who is going to improve prospect?

*Give one word of “possibility”?

*What is the poet appreciating?

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

Surat? Ah yes,

Once only I stayed in Surat

with family members

of my uncle’s very old friend

his wife was cooking nicely 

that was long time ago.

*Give reference to context?

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

Give central idea of the poem “Goodbye party for Miss Pushpa T.S”

प्रश्न क्र. : 7

What qualities of Miss Pushpa T.S are evident from speaker’s address ?

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

What was Miss Pushpa T.S popular with ? In what ways does Miss Pushpa show her good spirit?

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

What inspires laughter in the poem ?

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

What features of ‘Babu English’ are suggested in the poem ? Give illustrations. 

प्रश्न क्र. : 11

Where did Miss Pushpa’s father live, from which family she come, what does Miss Pushpa father do ?

प्रश्न क्र. : 12

You are all knowing, friends,

What sweetness is in Miss Pushp

 I don’t mean only external sweetnes

 but internal sweetness.

Miss Pushpa is smiling and smiling

even for no reason

but simply because she is feeling.

 Give reference to contact for particular lines above

प्रश्न क्र. : 13

Give brief description about the poet “Nissim Ezekiel”


प्रश्न क्र. : 1

Deliver a short speech on the topic “A sense of humour enlivens life”

प्रश्न क्र. : 2

There is a great deal of humour associated with human habit of for getting. Did it happen with you or any of your friends ? Narrate the event in one paragraph. 

प्रश्न क्र. : 3

Have you heard or read the exploits of such immortal characters as Tenali Ram mull Nasiruddin or Birbal ? What do they have in common? Think of their contribution their times.

प्रश्न क्र. : 4

There are many humourous characters in the plays of William Shakespeare such as Falstaff and Touch stone. They reveal a unique insight into human psychology and philosophy of life as well. Think of how humour makes us philosophical.

प्रश्न क्र. : 5

Write a letter to your friend highlighting the importance of humour in the hurly – burly of modern – day – life.

प्रश्न क्र. : 6

Explain the poetic devices in the poem goodbye party for Miss Pushpa T.S.

प्रश्न क्र. : 7

If you have to give your best friend farewell. How will you give farewell to him in proper way. Write a paragraph.

प्रश्न क्र. : 8

Give your own views on “farewell” Merits / Demerits.

प्रश्न क्र. : 9

If you got chance to stand at the Podium to speak some words who is getting farewell and he/she was your enemy. How you will deliver speech for him / her.

प्रश्न क्र. : 10

Write a notice for your class students for the farewell party of your class teacher as she is leaving school to join another job in college. 

प्रश्न क्र. : 11

Read the extract carefully and answer the questions given below.

       Tell me not, in mournful numbers,

              ‘Life is but an empty dream!’

       For the soul is dead that slumbers,

              And things are not what they seem.

Life is real! Life is earnest!

        And the grave is not its goal

‘Dust thou art, to dust  returnest,

     Was not spoken of the soul.


i-             What is the poet’s attitude to life expressed in the first stanza ?

ii-          How can a man make the best use of life ?

iii-        Make noun from the word ‘earnest’

iv-        Make sentence with the following expression

a- an empty dream

प्रश्न क्र. : 12

Write a report of your school’s farewell party. You  are John , HS cultural member of Govt. Higher secondary school Lakhnadon, Seoni. Send it to editor of Dainik Bhaskar News paper Jabalpur.

प्रश्न क्र. : 13

Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the insanitary condition of the street and bad state of roads.

प्रश्न क्र. : 14

You are Ajay Mathur. You happened to see the following lines up a newspaper. Motorcyclist injured in road accident. Write a report on the same issue

प्रश्न क्र. : 15

You are Rajneesh Singh, captain of your school there is in a celebration of “Van Mahotsav”. You have to speak .Prepare notes for speech with the help of the following point:

* Addressing to guest and pupil

*What is Van Mahotsav

* Plantation is our duty

* How to protect the trees planted by Civilian and Government authority

प्रश्न क्र. : 16

Write a paragraph on “Students and Discipline or The Value of Discipline”

प्रश्न क्र. : 17

Write an essay on ” Importance of English Teaching in India”

प्रश्न क्र. : 18

Write a letter of advice to your younger brother to set a goal in life and try to achieve it as he was planning his career. You are Ramsundar

प्रश्न क्र. : 19

Using cell phones in school has become a dilemma. Some are against while some favour it. You have recently surveyed the situation .prepared a report on it 

प्रश्न क्र. : 20

There is a great  deal of  humour associated with human habit of forgetting. Did it happen with you or any of your friends. narrate the event .Write a paragraph .

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