MP Board Special English Question Bank 2022 Chapter – 1 INVOCATION

MP Board Special English Question Bank Chapter – 1 INVOCATION

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प्रश्न क्र. : 1
Invocation poem is translated from ……………..
[1]. Rig Veda
[2]. Yajur Veda
[3]. Sama Veda
[4]. Atharva Veda
प्रश्न क्र. : 2
The entire corpus of the Vedas is called ……….
[1]. Atharva Vedas
[2]. Samhitas
[3]. Hymns
[4]. Sanjnanam
प्रश्न क्र. : 3
Who was the Oriental scholar ?
[1]. Dilip Chitre
[2]. John Keats
[3]. Dr. Abinash Chandra Bose
[4]. Robert Browning
प्रश्न क्र. : 4
Meaning of ‘Invocation’
[1]. Request
[2]. Praise
[3]. Love
[4]. Hate
प्रश्न क्र. : 5
Invocation poems lines has been ascribed from which number of book.
[1]. Book VI
[2]. Book I
[3]. Book VII
[4]. Book III
प्रश्न क्र. : 6
What shouldn’t be fought against ? [1]. Sin spirit
[2]. Divine spirit
[3]. Love spirit
[4]. None of the above
प्रश्न क्र. : 7
Give  antonyms of   ‘destroy’ :– [1]. Concord
[2]. Create
[3]. Unity
[4]. Battle
प्रश्न क्र. : 8
Give one word of ‘Dual gods’ — [1]. Asvins
[2]. War- god
[3]. Divine spirit
[4]. Concord

प्रश्न क्र. : 9
What is the meaning of concord ? [1]. Peace among people
[2]. Feelings
[3]. Opinions
[4]. Intentions
प्रश्न क्र. : 10
Whose concord  is wished for at first  ? [1]. Stranger
[2]. Enemy
[3]. Our own people
[4]. None of these
प्रश्न क्र. : 11
What should  we avoid ? [1]. Wars
[2]. battles
[3]. Both A and B
[4]. None of these
प्रश्न क्र. : 12
Give the synonyms of the word ” To kill”. [1]. Enemy
[2]. Slain
[3]. Fight
[4]. None of these
प्रश्न क्र. : 13
…………….  has made to unite the  whole people . [1]. Worldly people
[2]. An invocation
[3]. Concord
[4]. None of these
प्रश्न क्र. : 14
Write the antonyms of ‘Unity’ .
[1]. Diversity
[2]. Diversion
[3]. Peace
[4]. Distance
प्रश्न क्र. : 15
Fill correct Preposition…..
He died ………..cancer .
[1]. From
[2]. At
[3]. Of
[4]. By
प्रश्न क्र. : 16
Pick the odd one out :– [1]. Speech
[2]. Greet
[3]. Great
[4]. Deal
प्रश्न क्र. : 17
…………you please close the door ? [1]. should
[2]. Can
[3]. Must
[4]. Had to
प्रश्न क्र. : 18
You do your duty ( Change into  negative) [1]. You does not do your duty.
[2]. You do not do your duty.
[3]. You did not do your duty.
[4]. None of these
Question no. : 1
Which are the two kinds of people referred to in the verse ‘Invocation’?
Question no. : 2
In how many ways is the unity sought?
Question no. : 3
Why does the speaker wish to achieve concord?
Question no. : 4
What is the message of the verse ‘Invocation’?
Question no. : 5
Why does the speaker not want the battle-cry to be raised?
Question no. : 6
How does the speaker wish to achieve concord?
Question no. : 7
“Let not the battle cry rise amidst many slain, nor the arrow of the War-God fall with the break of the day”. What is implemented in these line.
Question no. : 8
What does “Concord” mean? Whose concord is wished for at first?
Question no. : 9
Write the summary of the poem “Invocation”.
Question no. : 10
Write the moral of the poem “Invocation”
Question no. : 11
Let us have concord with our own people, and concord with people who are strangers to us ;Asvins, create between us and the strangers a unity of hearts.
{1} who does ‘us’ in the first line refer to ?
{2} …………has been made to unite the whole people.
{3} find a word which means ‘cordiality’?
Question no. : 12
May we unite in our minds, unite in our purposes, and not fight against the divine spirit within us. let not the battle-cry rise amidst many slain, nor the arrows of the war-god fall with the break of the day.
{1} what sort of unity does the first line refer to ?
{2} we should not fight against………….
{3} find a word which means same as ‘dead.’
Question no. : 13
Who are the Asvins ? Why does the speakers invoke the gods-Asvins?
Question no. : 14
What does the poet mean by own and strangers ?
Question no. : 15
With whom should we not fight against ? why?
Question no. : 16
Write the central idea of ​​poem “Invocation”.
Question no. : 17
Write a letter to the Principal of your school to pardon as a window pane had been broken by you. you are Ashutosh Trivedi.
Question no. : 18
Sailja singh of class 12th has lost his watch somewhere in the school premises. Besides being valuable, the watch has an emotional value for him. he puts up a notice on the school notice board, promising a good reward to one who finds it. Write the notice and put it in a box.


Question no. : 1
Write a short composition on the theme “Our country represents unity amid diversity”.
Question no. : 2
Every Indian takes pride in his culture and age-old traditions. Write a letter to your friend highlighting the salient features of Indian Civilization and culture.
Question no. : 3
Write few words on “Blessings of God”.
Question no. : 4
Which are four Vedas write the importance of four Vedas in brief ?
Question no. : 5
Narrate a story, bringing out the most of “Unity is strength”.
Question no. : 6
In your words write on “The Importance of Indian Civilization”.
Question no. : 7
Write any incident from which you believe the presence of God.
Question no. : 8
“Unite we stand, divide we fall” Narrate with example.
Question no. : 9
In this age of revolution in information and communication technology. Do you think people are forgetting Indian civilization and culture? Write your views.
Question no. : 10
What is the purpose of writing different Vedas ?
Question no. : 11
Read the extract carefully and answer the questions given below.
          Knowledge is truest wealth, not this which dies
          It cherishes a strange deep peace within
          Unutterably, nor the robber’s eyes
          ever shall find it out; to give it is gain.
          In the grows most when parted with, and poured
          When sleepless hand fills gloriously its lord.
Q. I Is knowledge a safe treasure? if yes, how?
Q. II Who cherish knowledge ?
Q. III Find out the word from the extract which is similar in meaning to
 A- To keep fresh in memory              B- Silently
Question no. : 12
Sania has to go to her tuition. She wants her brother who was not at home at that time to have lunch and also to fetch her some books from the library. Write a message for her brother.
Question no. : 13
You are Harsh, residing at 2/5 chambal colony, Guna. Recently, you have attended a seminar on ‘Road Safety Movement’ organized by the Rotary club of your district. Write a report on his seminar.


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